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Taking Off Tours; Celebrating 26 years in business!

Taking Off Tours provide travel management to a number of universities. We have received glowing testimonials from senior academic staff and their junior colleagues to whom they have recommended us.

At Taking Off Tours we understand academics’ travel requirements and our systems and staff are trained to meet the demands of their travel. Universities and educational institutions can benefit greatly from the services we provide.

We ensure that our clients get exactly what they ask for, but, due to our experience, we can also make suggestions regarding a better or cheaper way to achieve that.

At present many Universities have policies that require their staff to book travel through a central booking agency. This mostly increases travel costs and decreases the quality of travel service. A competitive travel procurement process ensures that academics can use travel agents that provide cheaper fares and A better service. A professor at one of Melbourne’s leading Universities has reviewed her travel procurements over a period of 12 months and she notes:

Trip 1
Melbourne/Los Angeles New York Washington Melbourne official provider was $992.41 more expensive than Taking off tours despite the academic sending the official provider a quote found on the web.
Trip 2
Travel to Maputo, Was provided with an Itinerary that involved overnight and unnecessary stop over’s which were not in fact needed on this trip,
Trip 3
South America, official provider included a surface sector of over 1000 miles and claimed that there were no alternatives, there were many.
Trip 4
Melbourne Naples Return was $1,187 more expensive through official service provider and required returning via Naples when this was not necessary.
Trip 5
Melbourne Auckland Return official provider was $351 more expensive.
Trip 6
Melbourne Johannesburg Boston Washington Melbourne official provider was $1,422 more expensive than Taking Off Tours.

In general  academic’s who travel within Australia who feel confident in booking their own travel should do so as this will be the cheapest outcome, but for anything else consult with a competent travel agent!

As your trusted travel agent, we’re here to save you time and show you value for money. Creating a travel plan with us is the best plan if you're serious about seeing the world.

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