Our Organisation has been working closely with Taking Off Tours for many years. It is not easy to prepare itineraries around the Pacific either for staff travel or conferences. Our preferred provider has to link time constraints with cost effectiveness.

Not only does Taking Off Tours provide this perfectly, they also provide a round the clock service, never complain when their week-ends are disrupted because of No Shows or flights cancellation. 

They have provided much more than this by booking and paying accommodation plus meals and pocket money via the hotels for our stranded passengers when  problems arise, this is easily done as we have each others mobile numbers.

To conclude, as a conference coordinator for my organisation I only have trust and praise and friendship for my favourite travel agent.

Nicole Milot 
Conference/Travel Coordinator
Secretariat of the Pacific Community Noumea 
I am at Brussels airport waiting for my BA flight. Thanks for everything. 
You have really provided excellent service.

Prof. Roman Grynberg - Pacific Forum 
Thank you for your excellent help! I discussed with my colleagues and we are very interested in using Taking Off Tours as our primary travel source. We have more Pacific jobs coming up soon and would love to use your expertise.

Amy Lewis - PDP Australia 
When you are just doing your normal job you set the benchmark for professional service in travel.
You know how highly I value your knowledge, expertise and value for money.

Warm regards,
Patricia Rogers.
Associate Professor in Public Sector Evaluation Director, CIRCLE, RMIT 
Dear Isaac,
I have also been telling friends and colleagues that you are more reliable and efficient than our travel agents here in Vila. I'm still waiting for quotes I asked of them two weeks ago. Yes, you are providing a great service to us and I really appreciate you and your team's work very much too.
All the best for this year and if I am asked to recommend a travel agent again by anyone, definitely I will recommend Taking Off Tours.
 I better go home now before I burn the midnight oil here in the office :-)
Good night to you and your team.
Kind regards,
Loreen Ala-Ngwele
Administration Manager
Office of the Chief Trade Adviser (OCTA) 
Dear Isaac,
I would also like to compliment you on the great service you and your team are providing. Your efficiency and the accommodation of our requests is truly appreciated. Doubly so when you factor in that you are dealing with us from the other side of the world, with a  distinct time-lag. Loreen’s recommendation was definitely spot-on. I have already mentioned your company to colleagues in my Division if ever they are organising an event in the Pacific region and need a reliable travel agent.
Have a good evening,

Esther Amon 
International Trade & Regional Co-operation
Economic Affairs Division 
We have been very happy with the high-standard of service received from Taking Off Tours who always work diligently to ensure that our staff and consultants arrive at often out-of the-way destinations on-schedule and within budget. Their friendly and reliable team will always go the extra mile to be responsive to our needs.

Adam Smith International 

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