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African Safari Tours

Take in Africa with every breath and mouthful on your African Safari Tours

You see breathtaking images of Africa that leave you curious. Curious about the sounds, the smells and the sensations such as the hot breeze on your skin, or the feel of an elephant's skin.

The African safari tours are about immersion into a different culture and landscape, trying new things and experiencing the beauty in a part of the world so different to home. But it’s a little scary as well, when you consider the cost, the unknown, the things that could potentially go wrong, so it is important to have a good working knowledge of where to stay, what to eat and how to protect yourself. African safari tours professional agents are hard to find. Taking Off Tours who will take care of every detail with you is a great start, and once you are armed with information and a plan, you are metaphorically wearing your seatbelt, safe to enjoy the ride that an African holiday would be.

Our travel agents are specialists in minutely planning every detail and safety measure needed for you to enjoy every minute of your African holiday and they do so within your budget and expectations. We do the meticulous planning and research, leaving you to do the packing and the dreaming. Call (03) 9521 1475 or Enquire Now to discuss the destinations below with Taking Off Tours, your local travel agent, for inclusion in your custom African safari tours itinerary.

Tanzania Safari

Zebras drinking water, Tanzania Safari

If it is natural beauty that you wish to experience then Tanzania should be top of your list. Imagine the undulating waves of millions of Wildebeest as they traverse the open plain in migration. The dust so thick you can taste it and the deep beat of hooves vibrating through your feet.

The Serengeti is one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world, featuring on many people’s bucket lists. The Serengeti National Park is situated in Tanzania and is one of the best spots to observe Wildebeest and other large animals. Sadly, poaching is threatening the ability for the animals and ecosystem to thrive in the Serengeti with conservationists suggesting that poaching could wipe out elephant populations in this decade if not curbed. Why not find out what you can do to stop the poaching threat? Explore conservation based African safari packages.

Imagine the rush of standing on the side of a volcano? Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano in Tanzania and is a conquest popular for mountain climbers. But you do not need to be an enthusiastic mountain goat to enjoy Kilimanjaro, why not visit Lake Chala with views across the lake to Kilimanjaro while indulging in a gourmet and relaxing picnic.

If you needed a few more reasons to add Tanzania to your African holiday list of places to see, there is the ancient and rich culture and diversity in landscapes from coastal, to sandy plains and lush rain forest. If you would like to know more, get in touch with Taking Off Tours today. Call now on (03) 9521 1475 or Enquire Now.

Morocco Holidays

Morocco's wonderful sight

Travel to Africa to taste Tagine at its source and learn the old traditional way of making and enjoying mint tea. For the foodies out there, you should not miss the Moroccan street foods. Djemaa el-Fna, a well-known and old city, allows you to experience the underlying beat of the African culture with dancing snakes, henna tattoos and arts and crafts for purchase, like rugs, leather bags and lanterns. Eat fresh dates and wash it down with fresh orange juice offered by the local vendors. Moroccan street food you should try include; sfenj (doughnut), briouats (pastries filled with peanut butter and covered in honey), spiced olives and spit roast lamb.

Atlas Mountains offer spectacular scenery with deep valleys, snow topped peaks and lush green surroundings. Mountain biking and hiking are popular. Experience part of the Sahara, star gaze in the shadow of Merzouga Dunes and feel like a tiny speck in a massive universe of light. Discuss this once in a life time experience with Taking Off Tours, to make your dream a reality. Call now on (03) 9521 1475 or Enquire Now.

Namibia Safari

Namibia desert – a must see

Stark and twisted and dead is how the environment can appear. Yet the camel thorn trees are a beautiful contrast against a backdrop of colour, blue and white and tones of orange and yellow. These trees can be 900 years old and stubbornly stand tall, reaching for the heavens.

In Namibia there are a number of national parks, where you can enjoy a wide range of accommodation options to suit your African travel plans and budget. There is a great mix of desert, semi-desert and savannahs with a diverse range of wildlife to see such as over 340 species of birds, rhino’s and lions.

If you wanted to feel like the last man or woman on earth for a moment, visit Fish River Canyon, a large and flat land criss-crossed with river beds that flow to everywhere and nowhere with not another soul to see. Contact Taking Off Tours (03) 9521 1475 or Enquire Now, to arrange a custom itinerary.

Kenya Safari

Kenya, African Safari Tours

What is your favourite colour? Pink for girls and blue for boys? The best place to be to experience vibrant and moving colour is Lake Nakuru national park. The spectacular sight of thousands of flamingos, their dusky shades of pink perfectly accented by the beautiful blue waters and sky.

Think saddles! Why not ride horses to follow the Zebra herds, gallop alongside and be part of the Zebra’s daily movements in the Masai Mara? Or spot the Rhino in Soli Reserve.

Kenya offers beach views, national park experiences described above but also the rich culture and heritage of the bustling towns and cities. Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, has a unique character and energy with a modern vibe and despite being a capital city, Nairobi National Park provides sanctuary to wild lions living just 20 minutes from City Centre.

Call (03) 9521 1475 or Enquire Now now to arrange your personalised Kenyan African Safari tours experience.

Zambezi River – Victoria Falls Tours

Victoria Waterfalls Visit - Zambezi

Zambezi is the place to be for water sport, kayaking, canoeing and fishing. But not for the faint of heart because as cute as the fat hippos look, they are as aggressive as the elephants are big, both of which you may spot while traveling on the Zambezi river. Other animals you may see drinking at the river’s edge include; crocodiles, water buck, buffalo, zebras and lions.

Another attraction, not to miss is the thundering Victoria Falls, another natural wonder of the world found right in Africa and a must have on your holiday itnierary.

Inspired? Contact Taking Off Tours (03) 9521 1475 or Enquire Now, who will work directly with you to tailor an African experience that meets all of your needs, budgets and expectations. Have your holiday planned and meticulously booked for you today.

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